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What are dynamic range presets in Rocket League App

Dynamic range is an option that allows you to choose a sound setting that plays best with your speakers. This can be set in the Audio Settings menu.

By default, the Dynamic Range settings are set to Medium.

To change Dynamic Range settings:

Go to the Main Menu.

Select Settings.

Select the Audio tab.

Choose one of the three options (details below screenshot):

Low (Night)

Medium (Default)

High (Theater)


Low (also referred to as Night setting)

In the Low Dynamic Range, loud sounds are quieter and quiet sounds are louder.

With this setting, all vital sounds can be heard. Even when playing at low volume or with poor quality speakers.

Medium (the default setting)

The Medium Dynamic Range is our default mix. This is the best setting for most players.

If you are not sure which setting to pick, this is the audio mix that has been in the game since our HDR audio patch in 2019. This is also a great option if you are using headphones!

High (Theater)

High Dynamic Range is intended for players who prefer high volumes and/or are using high-quality sound systems. With this setting loud sounds are louder and quiet sounds are quieter. Some in-game sounds like Goal Explosions should sound more impressive. Details like the crowd and ambient sounds should also be less fatiguing at loud volumes. The overall sound image should feel less compressed than the Medium or Low.

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