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How do I play Rocketleague App in split-screen on PlayStation

You can play Rocket League online and offline with a friend locally. To get started, you will need two controllers.

To activate the Split-Screen Feature:

Start your PlayStation

Launch Rocket League with your main controller

Press the PlayStation button with your second controller

Using the second controller, select one of the following:

Get Started - To create a new PlayStation account or fully sign-in with an existing account

Sign In and Play - To sign in with an existing account. Once you log out, no game data will be saved to this console

Quick Play - No PlayStation account is needed. Simply choose this option to play Rocket League

Once you have signed in, you will return to the Rocket League Main Menu

Press Settings with the second controller

Player 2 will then appear in the party lobby

Player 1 can then choose the Playlist for both players to play in

Note: Guest accounts that are not signed in to the PlayStation Network may only play Offline.

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