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v2.33 prepares Rocket League for Haunted Hallows.

Version: Rocket League v2.33

Platforms: Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S

Scheduled Release: 10/17/2023, 4 p.m. PDT / 11 p.m. UTC


v2.33 prepares Rocket League for Haunted Hallows

Haunted Hallows begins Wednesday, October 18 at 9am PDT (4pm UTC)

Unlock new items by completing Haunted Hallows Event Challenges

Items from Golden Pumpkins are eligible for trade-up

The Spooky Cube LTM will be playable from October 18 to October 24

The Haunted Heatseeker LTM will be playable from October 24 to November 1

Farmstead (Spooky) will be available in Private Matches, Exhibition Matches, and Free Play (Update: Farmstead (Spooky) will only be available in the Haunted Hallows LTMs)


Player-to-Player Trading

Added new text to the “All Trades Are Final” pop-up window that appears when a trade is started: “HEADS UP: Player-to-Player trading will be removed on December 5, 2023”

You can learn more about the removal of trading here


Changed the hitbox on the Formula 1 2021 Car and Formula 1 2022 Car from Dominus to Plank, and adjusted the hitbox positioning


Neo Tokyo (Hacked) now uses the same arena and boost pad collision mesh as all other Arenas

Fixed a bug preventing Custom Tournament creators from spectating ongoing matches

Fixed a softlock issue when returning to the Main Menu after selecting a Private Tournament while using a mouse in the Tournaments menu

[PC] Fixed a bug with the Bloom advanced video setting creating light artifacts for some AMD GPU users

Fix requires AMD Adrenalin Edition 23.8.1 or newer drivers

The Ombre Decal on the Nissan Silvia and Porsche 911 Turbo can now be customized with Paint Finishes

[PS/Xbox] Fixed a bug preventing some players from seeing the EULA when updated in the game client, or accepting the updated EULA in settings


For a complete list of known issues in Rocket League, go here