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Why Didn't I Get My Credits or Purchased DLC for Rocket League App

Sometimes there can be a delay before Credits or DLC are added to your inventory

If you don’t see the previously purchased DLC packs in your inventory, follow these steps:

Turn off your system

Unplug the system from wall outlet for 10 seconds

Restart the system

Launch Rocket League and check if the DLC reappeared

If the above steps do not work, check the status of your platform to see if there is a delay in delivering purchases from their end:

Epic Online Services status

PlayStation Network status

Xbox Live status

Nintendo Online Services status

If these options did not resolve the issue, please follow the platform-specific steps below.

Epic Games

If you purchased a DLC Pack using the Epic Games Store, ensure to follow the steps below:

Open Epic Games Launcher

Launch Rocket League

Select OK to All in the pop up window to add the new items to your inventory

Purchased content should then be available on all linked platform accounts


Start your PlayStation

Select Settings

Select PlayStation Network/Account Management

Select Restore Licenses

Please note that regional restrictions apply to DLCs on the PlayStation. If your game region does not match the DLC region, let us know by creating a ticket.


Start your Xbox

Press the Xbox Button on your controller to go to your Home Screen

Select Rocket League

Hold down the Menu Button

Select Manage Game

Uninstall the DLC

Launch Rocket League

Go to the Item Shop

Select Download on the DLC


Open the Steam Library

Launch Rocket League

Find the missing DLC on the list

Make sure the box to the right of it is checked.

If it is already checked, remove and re-add the checkmark by clicking on the box.

Right-click on Rocket League in the Steam library.

Select Properties.

Click on the local files tab.

Click the Verify integrity of game files button.

Allow the validation process to complete

Sometimes, DLC access might be affected by the Windows 10 Controlled Folder Access. Please make sure to allow Rocket League with these steps:

Click the Windows button in the bottom left

Type in Controlled Folder Access and click the option with the black shield

If the switch under Controlled folder access is set to on “On,” click the blue link below to Allow an app through Controlled folder access

Click Add an allowed app

Locate RocketLeague.exe within the Steam folder. It may be at this path or similar:

C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommon ocketleagueBinariesWin64RocketLeague.exe

Copy the file path to the Filename field of the Open window

Click Open

Make sure that RocketLeague.exe now shows as an allowed app

Nintendo Switch

Start your Nintendo Switch

Open the Nintendo eShop with the account that purchased the DLC

Highlight Re-download on the left side of the screen

Select the DLC

Press the orange icon to begin the download

If there is not enough free space on your Switch, you might need to delete some other content to complete the download.

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