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How do I use voice chat in Rocketleague App

Want to talk to your team or party while playing Use Voice Chat to talk to your friends on all platforms!

If you are a child and your parent hasn't helped you set up your account, you may have a Cabined Account with different features. If you think you might have a Cabined Account, visit Why does my Rocket League account say that some features are disabled

Follow the steps below to get started

Launch Rocket League

Select Settings from the Main Menu

Select the Chat tab

Click the drop-down arrow next to Voice Chat

Select your preferred Voice Chat option

Note Voice chat settings default to “Nobody” if you have indicated that you are under the age of 18. You can choose to change the chat setting unless otherwise restricted by Parental Controls. For children under the age of 10, the max setting allowed is “Friends Only.”

Don’t want to use Voice Chat No worries! You can disable voice chat by selecting Allow Voice Chat with Nobody (Off)

Important Things to Know

Voice Chat is enabled by default

Voice Chat is fully cross-platform

When you join a team in a match, you will be placed into a Team Channel

A headset icon will appear in your Friend’s List when Voice Chat is enabled

Adjust your Voice Chat volume in the Chat tab

Prefer Push to Talk or Toggle Mute Check out

How do I use Push-to-Talk in Rocket League

How do I use Toggle Mute in Rocket League

For more info, check out Yakety Yak, Voice Chat is Back! & Patch Notes v2.15

Having trouble Check out How do I troubleshoot voice chat issues in Rocket League

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