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What are camera settings in Rocket League App

Changing your camera settings allow you to change the viewing angle of the camera. You can also change camera swivel speeds and stiffness, along with some other settings.

Here is an explanation of the customizable options within the Camera Settings tab in Rocket League:

Camera FOV - How much of the field you see

Camera Height - This option controls how high the camera is located.

Camera Angle - This setting is about the angle at which the camera faces the car.

Camera Distance - You can use this option to modify how far the camera is located behind the car.

Camera Stiffness - The camera stiffness.

Camera Swivel Speed - This setting is about how fast the camera turns along with your car.

Camera Shake - Rocket League offers a chance for the camera to keep shaking so that it mimics high speeds and the effects of all the crashes you take part in.

Ball Cam Indicator - If you have activated ball cam, this feature will show an indicator in the bottom left corner of the screen. You can turn off that indicator.

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